TOAST, 2010


Informed by the etiquette of toast making the traditions of ‘Toastmasters’, and investigating the dynamics of social gatherings, exhibition visitors were to contribute to a collaborative public toast.


Births and Deaths, good news or a moment of reminiscence, the traditional toast marks the

signposts of a life; often the toast itself can turn into a miniature-biography. Smartly dressed wine waiters served guests champagne in crystal glasses. By accepting a drink, guests were agreeing to participate in the performance. Those present were invited to contribute to a continuous 'toast' that occurred every 20 minutes - brought to attention by the clear, crisp sound of metal against crystal. Anything could be toasted – from something monumental and life changing, to a good meal, an individual who deserves to be celebrated, or a political issue. The structure and composition of the toast changed throughout the duration, becoming longer as guests contribute, forming a collaborative celebratory monologue, and at times more concise as similarities appeared in toast information provided.