In Ear training/ Rhythm/ Notation, 2013 Sound work (8min), live performance and changing installation, feat. Lorraine Liyanage and Klemens Koehring - Bobby's Recital, Standpoint Gallery (with Jenny Moore) Lorraine Liyanage A male voice recites a monologue using piano pedagogy, autobiographical and fictional narratives, word chords and bad musical jokes. The fragmented narrative combines casual reminiscences and informative texts addresses the dual function of a piano as both an instrument and an object, heavy with cultural and personal references. The text was inspired by a series of conversations with a piano teacher and as a live performance, the piano teacher 'played 'badly' whilst an actor recited the text. An accompanying installation to the sound work was changed daily throughout the period of an exhibition. Revolving around a baby grand piano, the instrument was 'prepared' in different ways to alter its sound, including mirrors, printed texts, a pot plant, painted quails eggs and screws.