Tentacular Thinking, 2018

Improvised performance by Viki Browne, Bryony Gillard, Maggie Nicols, Danni Spooner and D-M Withers

As part of the exhibition A cap like water, transparent, fluid yet with definite body, Turf Projects, 2018.


Drawing on a number of texts exploring the collapse of psychic boundaries, speculative feminism and multi-species interactions,

a group of collaborators follow the tentacles of their own ‘jelly-fish experiences’ through movement, voice and reading exercises, improvisation and discussion.


Through different modes of thinking, feeling, looking and listening, the performance is a collective endeavour to explore states

‘jelly-fish’ being, unfurling into the space created by the work of writers and theorists such as Karen Barad, M. Jacqui Alexander, Donna Haraway, H.D and Elizabeth.R.Johnson.


Photo and video documentation by Olga Koroleva