Last Orders (negotiating the loan of the last orders bells from a number of public houses and replacing each one with a diatonic handbell, of a different musical note), 2011-12


Solo exhibition, Motorcade Flashparade, Bristol, 2012, installation and multi-site performance

and A Circle (group exhibition), Come to Ours, Plymouth 2011


The loan of the ‘last orders’ bells from a number of public houses was negotiated for the period of an exhibition, the bells were substituted by a musical hand bell, each of a different note.

Every night, when the hand bells were rung to mark to mark ‘last orders’ and then ‘time’, a composition took place, its constituent notes sounding individually across the city, so that the performance could never be physically heard in its in entirety.


The exhibition attempted to represent and reflect the multi-site performance through related ‘works’ and objects, rather than documentation.