A cap, like water, transparent, fluid yet with definite body, 2017-18

The Stones talk to her, 2017

On Frottage (Part II), 2015

Un Waive Edge Ground, 2015

On Frottage (Part I), 2015

Add Utter Rut, 2015

Dies durch dich, 2014

An Eye, An Arch, A Bridge, 2014

Frottage with IHF and JC, 2014

It Has Been Found Again, 2014

Practice, 2013

As Furniture, As Discipline, 2013

Word Chords, 2013

Ear Training/ Rhythm / Notation, 2013

Tuning Up, 2013

Last Orders..., 2012

Untitled (Portraits), 2011

Welcome Drinks, 2011

Toast, 2010








It Has Been Found Again, 2013
Audio, 4min 55sec
(field recording reciting a line from Rimbaud's L'Eternité)