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97 Years

97 Years is a performed interactive installation that was made collaboratively with Jo Hellier. Through recorded conversations with her Grandfather, the piece explores dementia and ageing and challenges audiences to examine their communication with the elderly and people with mental illnesses.

The piece centres around a sculptural system of pulleys and counterweights with which the audience interacts. Each audience member is given the end of a string and, as they pull and release, they manipulate a complex and beautiful sound-world.

97 Years has been shown at the Tobacco Factory in Bristol, Spill National Platform 2012 in Ipswich, SICK! Supper Club at the Basement in Brighton, //Buzzcut// 2013 in Glasgow, Spill Showcase 2013 in London and has been programmed for Mayfest 2013.

Supported by The Parlour Showrooms, Mayfest and Arts Council England.

Photo credit Paul Blakemore.

97 Years Documentation from Jo Hellier on Vimeo.

Making 97 Years from Jo Hellier on Vimeo.