Tuning Up, 2013



^ Documentation and text/image from performance with with Samuel Chapple (piano, moveable textile screens, text

works and images as part of solo exhibition: In the boom of the tingling strings, PCA, Plymouth


Tuning Up combines an orated script, piano improvisation and the choreography of moveable textile screens as a live performance.


The script explores the pedagogy of music and movement, alongside fragments of fictional texts, poetry and stream of consciousness.

The disjointed narrative is accompanied by live piano improvisation and staging of moveable textile screens, text works and images, broken down into scenes relating to each passage in the text.


The work sits somewhere between concrete poetry, lecture and dance - crossing these boundaries and exploring the possibilities for musical accompaniment to voice.

Music is necessary in this new world we are facing. Teachers must believe this, and bring it to their children in the manner best suited to their age and development. Always, it must be done with thought and care, and the cultivation of true independence. Take, then, the beauty that is MUSIC into the classroom; cultivate in the children the power to listen, to feel, and to respond. There was something I wanted to say about bringing people together. The black tadpoles, syncopated punctuation, like a code or a cypher. Slippery and wet, inky blobs that slide away and come back together, hundreds of tiny eyes looking and waiting expectantly. Stacked and connected, holding onto each other, chords of rOund bOdies, j o s t l i n g for space.