Throwing Stones

October 2015, Arnolfini


Throwing Stones was an expanded seminar taking Richard Long’s exhibition at Arnolfini as a point of departure to explore a range of interconnected and critical concerns. The seminar  touched on ideas surrounding demarcation of time, visual poetry and landscape, eco-feminism and contemporary approaches to land art.


Reflecting Long’s practice, Throwing Stones presented a multiplicity

of positions — a gathering of responses both and historical from invited artists, curators and writers. Taking the shape of a series of talks and presentations, the event also included several artist’s films and performances.


Presentations by Art Historians Joy Sleeman and Alistair Rider, Land Art Live (Flevoland) curator Martine van Kampen and writer Adam Rothstein.


Performances by Marie Andrée Pellerin and Ruth Proctor and screenings of film works by Marie Yates, Bureau of Inverse Technology and Nancy Holt. Alongside the seminar, a small exhibition of Marie Yates’ seminal land art

series, The Field Workings was presented the gallery.


Images: Below: Bureau of Inverse Technology BIT PLANE, 1999, top right: Marie Yates. Field Working Series (1974-78), right: Marie Andrée Pellerin, La Chambre Magmatique, 2015 (performance)