documentation of screening - Sophie Mallett - Our Gelatinous Past, 2018

Jayne Parker - RX Recipe, 1980

Film still, courtesy of the artist and LUX

Slippery, Sticky, Wet

Curated screening programme, Holden Gallery,

Sophie Mallett, Jayne Parker, Carolee Schneemann, Olga Koroleva, Vicky Smith, Bryony Gillard

Manchester School of Art, MMU


Slippery, Sticky, Wet takes its point of departure from Gillard's moving image work, Unctuous Between Fingers, which explores ecologies of care and ideas of co-worlding through the lens of seaweed.

The programme brings together a series of contemporary and herstorical short film works by womxn artists that explore relationships with our more-than-human-world, challenge binaries and reclaim sliminess and its cultural and social connotations.


Films in order of appearance:


Sophie Mallett - Our Gelatinous Past, 2018,
HD video; found footage, 19:06, colour, sound


Jayne Parker - RX Recipe, 1980,
16mm transferred to digital video, black and white, sound, 12:00


Bryony Gillard - Unctuous Between Fingers, 2019,
HD video, 15:00


Vicky Smith - Noisy Licking, Dribbling, Spitting, 2014,
16mm transferred to digital video, colour, sound, 4:00


Olga Koroleva - Softshell, 2017,
Digital video, silent, 3:06


Carolee Schneemann - Vesper's Stampede To My Holy Mouth, 1992, Video, 15:00.


with thanks to all the artists and Zoe Watson.