Disassembly - poem/fragments for Field|Guide, Boston - coming soon (2020/21)


field|guide is a collaborative multimedia art project, curated by Aaron Michael Smith and Jordan Kokot which explores the liminal spaces between visual art, poetry, essay, sound and silence. By blending fragments of the past with the sense of the present, field|guide merges scientific formalisms with esoteric methodologies, repeatedly untangling and re-tangling the threads of the familiar and obscure.


In this space of shared meaning-making, Aaron Michael Smith and Jordan Kokot bring together writers and artists from many traditions and backgrounds to explore the muffled bubbling of potentiality that is stitched through time. This project probes diverse subject to reach towards the oscillations that sew together the ontology of noise, metaphysical silence, and the quiet energies that potentiate our shared immediacy.