C~C, Tate St Ives Artist Programme 2014-15



>above: C~C project image

>left: Gino Saccone, Conbordino (Jaoui) 2014, textile

>below: Rachelle Sawatsky, Daylight Recordings (for Marlow Moss), 2015,   altered 35mm slides and live text

Oliver Sutherland, Propro, 2015, digital video


C~C is a research project exploring the coincidental, tangential, formal and informal similarities and links between the Cornish Coast and Pacific Coast (California) as sites for the production of art.


The project is conceived by artists Oliver Sutherland and Bryony Gillard and will bring together the work of artists, scientists, writers, musicians and theorists with connections or affinities with both or either of these places.

During their participation in Tate St Ives Artist Programme, the artists curated an event at Tate St Ives in April 2015, opening up a new space for creativity and collaboration between these two locations.


A series of artworks and performances were presented throughout the gallery, overlaying and intervening with the current exhibition and the fabric of building. The artworks gathered and made in response to C~C explore complicated relationships between peripheral coastal sites and art making; drawing on both the mythic and lived realities of these landscapes.


The project presented new commissions from Chris Dyson (UK/USA), Bryony Gillard (UK), Andrew Munks (UK), Rachelle Sawatsky (Canada), Oliver Sutherland (UK), Savannah Theis (Germany).


Alongside existing works by Walter De Maria (USA), Elias Romero (USA), Sarah

Rara (USA), Gino Saccone (Jersey).

The event guide can be downloaded here.



C~C has a research tumblr as an informal space to push around ideas and present questions and thoughts.